Formación y Education Integral (FEI) was established on 10th October 1997, gathering a team of experts in administration and training coming from Training Centres. The foundational mission is the design, the planning and the implementation of initiatives in the fields of training, technological dissemination activities and participation in projects orieted to the education in the personal, professional and corporate fields.

Currently FEI is composed by an interdisciplinary team of experts in pedagogy, informatics and design, with more than 60 employees in-house.

In addition, it counts with more than 200 specialised teachers in different highly demanded areas. In the last years, FEI has increased its leadership position by acting directly in 5 Autonomous Communities, with 35 certified training centres.

In the last three years FEI has developed more than 1.000 training initiatives addressed both to workers and unemployed.

In 2014, FEI established an authorised VET Centre, under the code: 28075595.

FEI is involved in a continuous improvemente process, for which it is certified in the following Quality Standards:

FEI Vocational Training Centre has joined the inititiative Campus FP, which gathers different VET centres in the south area of Madrid, offering the students different practical ways to access Higher Education and access to jobs, with a relevant number of new specialisations connected with new jobs related with digital competences.

FEI is currently developing and internationalisation strategy focusing on international mobility of VET students with the support of Campus FP.





The Rural Development Association of Las Vegas and Alcarria de Alcalá (ARACOVE) is an entity focused on the promotion of rural development in its associated areas, through the use of rural resources, the development of action plans and programs, promotion of specific projects, dissemination and management of regional, state and community aids, and training actions.

ARACOVE coordinates the actions of socio-economic, environmental and local entities as determinants in the development of the area, with the ultimate goal of promoting the endogenous generation of wealth in the Region of Las Vegas and Alcarria de Alcalá.

Since its foundation in 1996, it has been one of the main drivers in the development of the rural world in the southeast of the Community of Madrid, managing a variety projects in different fields and participating in multiple actions to promote the Erasmus+ development of the area. The scope of the association comprises 30 municipalities in the Southeast of the Community of Madrid belonging to the so-called Comarca de las Vegas and Alcarria de Alcalá.

ARACOVE has managed as direct beneficiary or as a collaborating entity of the Community of Madrid the following programs:

The total investment generated by these programs in our territory has created more than 350 new companies and created or consolidated more than 600 jobs. In the development of the actions more than 50.000 hour of training have been developed in areas like gardening, agriculture and food processing.

Currently ARACOVE has three centers accredited by the Community of Madrid to provide professional certificates located in the municipalities of Aranjuez, Chinchón and Villarejo de Salvanés, where the association provides training for the different groups in the territory. The experience of the association in this type of courses exceeds 40,000 hours in different professional families.

ARACOVE has paid attention to the promotion of and training in the use of new tecnologies in the municipalities where it implements its actions. Until 2010 ARACOVE has managed 23 Public Internet Access Centers to the Internet where it provides training actions.