Association of Science- and Technology- Oriented Organizations NOT


Federacja Stowarzyszeń Naukowo-Technicznych NOT (Association of Science- and Technology- Oriented Organizations NOT) is a non-government organization well recognized in Poland, established in 1835.

It gathers all engineers-oriented organizations located all over the country, like communication engineers, electricians, agriculture and food specialists, technique passionate, etc.

Currently the Association gathers over 110 thousands of individual members representing 39 different technique focused organizations in Poland.

It represents Poland in 46 different International Associations focused around science and technology specialists development issues. Representing interests of its members, the association is a very important policy council, opinion leader, with a very strong lobbying position. It provides also specialized training courses in many different related fields with a rate of over 800 thousands trainees per year. The Association is also an accredited partner authorized to grant European Engineer certificate.

Rada Regionu Zachodniopomorskiego w Szczecinie (Council of the West Pomeranian Region in Szczecin) as a regional department of the Association, represents its interests in the Westpomeraniam Region, while being located in the most important city in the region, Szczecin.

The Council is a separate legal entity with a President as its legal representative. Thus the regional council with over 3,5 thousands of members associated to 17 different organizations is responsible for representing specific interests of local community and development of locally concentrated skills and qualifications and integrating them into country- and further globally ranged ones.

Thus its role in practical training process is perceived as very important, just as in representing of professional interests of engineers and their employment in subsequent sectors.

While being engage in those actions the Council act as a guard of ethics in business behaviors, thus promoting the idea of business social responsibility as well as natural environment preservation.



Pomeranian University in Slupsk


Pomeranian University in Slupsk is the state school of higher education with almost 50-year tradition.

Within several faculties, including Faculty of Management and Safety Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Philology and History, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Health Science, the University employs over 300 academic experts and provides education to over 4.000 students in 29 fields and ab. 100 specialization.

Faculty of Management and Safety Science conducts tertiary education in fields: administration, management, national security, sociology and  socio-cybernetics.

The Faculty fulfils directly the mission of the University as it refers to co-creation and maintenance of regional identity and considering socio-economic development as key factor  for national and international security and  European heritage.

Faculty is oriented on implementing VET educational programms  matched to the needs of the labour market and promotes project management as key training method of students’ vocational practical preparation.

Educational programs are oriented on developing  critical attitude of students’ towards reality in the sense of responsibility for the future of the region they are living and encouraging them to discover their history and promoting local community development.

The University’s staff takes up didactic challenges with respect to new technologies and matches its offer to the needs of the enterprises and civil institutions in the region of central Pomerania region according to VET rules. 

The University is engaged in many research activities including innovative joint educational and research projects with economic, cultural and technological sciences institutions as well as cooperation in the sphere of education and science.

Particularly common projects with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea Region represent strong element of current mission on the University and the Faculty, just as development of interdisciplinary research in the field of management and security.